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Take 47 years of experience and add 35 more!

Mix cookbook covers / dividers / and choices galore!

Take two teams of great people and merge them as one

A spicy combination and oh so much fun!


Add attention to detail and pride in all that we do,

Plus a heaping big cup of quality assurances too,

Stir in expanded production and improved deliveries,

Mix in customer satisfaction – it’s our aim to please!


To all of our customers – both old and new,

We look forward to continuing working with you.

The merging of our companies has caused quite a stir;

At Gateway Rasmussen – The Cookbook Printer!


Gateway Publishing Co. Ltd. is very excited to announce their merger with Rasmussen Company.  This merger now makes Gateway Rasmussen one of the largest fundraising cookbook publishers in North America.

We are committed to helping organizations and groups raise funds for their various projects and causes.  We will continue to provide the highest quality product that is competitively priced and produced with the utmost care and concern.

Please feel free to contact us, should you have any questions about a cookbook project that is currently in production or if you’d like more information about getting one started!

Toll free 1-800-665-7884 or Email:

Fundraising Cookbooks a Perfect Fit for Agricultural Society

The Campbellford Seymour Agricultural Society has a very straightforward mandate – to bring the community together through agriculture.  Established in 1854, the Society is a volunteer based organization with two objectives that drive this mission forward:

  1. To promote agriculture in the community by holding an annual fair
  2. To encourage activities intended to enrich rural life

The annual fair is really the primary focus of Campbellford’s 18-member Board of Directors and its countless volunteers.  “We meet once a month, and during our AGM every year in January,” explains Society President and Board member Angela Runciman.  “Our focus is really the fair.  It’s a big event and a lot of work.”

V0481coiledThe Campbellford Fair is a unique event with a diverse range of activities.  The Fair features a Midway, Livestock Shows, a Homecraft Show, a Novelty Contest, Demonstrations, a Children’s Activity Centre, the 4X4 Challenge, a Demo Derby, Live Entertainment, and Concessions.  According to the Peterborough Examiner, there’s something for everyone, “There were lots of rides for all ages at the Campbellford-Seymour Agricultural Fair midway, including the Cobra, the Tilt-a-Whirl, and that perennial favourite at fairs, the fun house, while thrilling horsemanship at Friday’s Western Gymkhana show drew a good sized crowd with events including barrel races, pole bending, flag races, keyhole races, and a Dash 4 Cash.”

To finance an event of this size, mini-fundraising events are held throughout the year including:

  • The Annual Chicken BBQ – held the last Sunday of May
  • The Food Booth – held at the local sale barn – first Tuesday in August
  • The Winter Demolition Derby – held late January each year

The Board decided to add a key tool to their fundraising arsenal in 2012 by introducing fundraising cookbooks from Gateway.  According to Runciman, “Gateway’s fundraising cookbooks fit perfectly and dealing with them was an absolute pleasure.”

In keeping with the Society’s inclusive approach to management, the Board gathered recipes for the cookbook from every part of the community, a task that could have been daunting if it weren’t for Gateway’s online recipe entry system.  “Our goal was to gather 100 recipes.  We ended up with more than 300.  Most were handwritten.  I was able to enter each of them right into my computer, which made the exercise totally manageable.  Most cookbook publishers don’t have an online entry system.  Creating a cookbook with Gateway was a breeze.”

To buy the Campbellford Fundraising Cookbook, email:, call 705-653-5338 or visit the Society’s web site at:!

SMA Research Gets Boost From “Annie Girl” Fundraiser Cookbook

There are two babies born a day with Spinal Muscular Atrophy and yet it is relatively unknown.  That’s one of the reasons Sheila Violette decided to begin a campaign to raise awareness of this incurable and tragic disease.  The other is a great deal more personal.  Sheila Violette is the grandmother of a young child named Ann Marie (Annie Girl) who sadly passed away from Spinal Muscular Atrophy, or SMA.  “She was diagnosed when she was three months old.  They told us she had sixty days to live.  She lived until she was nine months old.”V0203coiled

When Sheila and her daughter were first told about Annie’s condition they were caught off guard.  “We were shocked.  She was a completely healthy little baby girl, smiling all the time, but early on we noticed that she couldn’t lift her head.  When they told us she had SMA, we hadn’t heard of it before.”

Although relatively unknown, SMA is the number one genetic killer of babies.  1 in 40 people are carriers, unknowingly.  1 in 6,000 babies are born with SMA.  “The gene can be detected with a simple blood test,” explains Violette.

Raising awareness of a disease is a tall order, which is why Violette turned to Gateway for a fundraising cookbook.  “We looked at several companies but we ended up with Gateway because they had the perfect pink coil and they were able to print dividers with a pink tone to them.  We dressed Annie in pink all the time so it was important to include pink in the book’s design in every way we could.  Gateway did such a great job of helping us design the entire book.  The pink dividers included Annie’s picture on them.”

Annie Girl cookbooks sold out immediately after Violette received the first shipment of one hundred copies, so she ordered more.  “We ordered another one hundred, and then they sold out.  So we ordered another one hundred, and sure enough they sold out.  We took the idea to a Savannah, Georgia dentist’s office and they agreed to sell them.  Gateway sent the books directly their office.”

Violette has a lot of energy for the cause, holding fundraisers throughout the community including a Scrapbook Event and a Corvette Retreat.  “Over forty women gather in a local church to produce scrapbooks that showcase family memories.  The books are sold there with net proceeds to the SMA.  We also took books to our annual Corvette Retreat, which is an event that celebrates the fact that we manufacture Corvettes in this part of the country.  All the books we brought sold out.”

The Annie Girl fundraising cookbook contains over 300 recipes and a touching description of Annie’s story.  All profits from the sale of these books are directed to the Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy (  For more on Annie’s story and to order cookbooks, go to

Lundazi Mission Aims For Africa!

Forty-eight thousand dollars is a lot of money, especially in an economy where fundraising has never been more challenging.  That’s why Sarah Boot and the Lundazi team chose Gateway fundraising cookbooks as part of their overall fundraising campaign.  Lundazi is a twelve-member team of volunteers planning a mission to Lundazi, Zambia, Africa to build two new science classrooms for disadvantaged youth.  The Lundazi team is part of a larger effort by the Edu-Deo Mission, a Canadian Christian mission organization, which serves children in developing countries with quality education rooted in Christian worldview.  According to Boot, “Someone in the group mentioned cookbooks when we were thinking about fundraising ideas.  My sister had worked with Gateway and she was happy, so we went ahead.”

V0465coiledFor the Lundazi team, Gateway’s book was a welcome addition to their overall approach to fundraising, which includes selling bracelets, holding garage sales, bake sales and breakfasts, and soliciting donations from local businesses.  “Everything went well when we produced the book.  I did a lot of emailing to have my questions answered.  They were always there.  They even helped me pick out a nice cover and binding coil.”

According to Rhonda Pineau, Gateway’s Fundraising Cookbook Sales and Marketing Manager, the Lundazi approach is common in today’s fundraising market.  “Most of our customers use the fundraising cookbook as a tool in their fundraising toolkit.  It’s an important part of an overall strategy.”

While fundraising is a necessary part of the process for non-profits to reach their goals, it’s really the cause that drives them.  “We’re there to assist actually,” explains Boot.  “The community already has people who can build.  We create a partnership with them.  We encourage them.  Get to know them, and we talk with them about the Gospel.”

When Boot spoke of the group’s goal to get to Africa by August 2012, there was really no doubt in her mind regarding how she was going to get there, and why she was doing it.

The “how” came from Edu-Deo, which orchestrates missions in countries around the world including Belize, The Dominican, Nicaragua, Ghana, and Zambia.  “I went on a mission with them back in high school to the Dominican Republic.  Local churches throughout the GTA know about them.  This time around I just went back to them.”

The “why” is also clear for this enthusiastic volunteer: “To build schools in other countries, that’s why we’re going there.  But we think in terms of a much greater purpose.  We really do it to serve God.”

To donate to the Lundazi team, go to the following link on the Edu-Deo Mission site:

For more on Edu-Deo Mission, visit

For more on Gateway Publishing, visit

“Fightin’ Fillies” Fight Back

For Christina Handley, raising money for cancer related causes has deep personal meaning.  It’s her calling.  Christina has been struck with the disease on two occasions, once with her own diagnosis, a rare form of cancer that one in a million women experience, and second, with her life long friend, a beautiful Belgian mare she grew up with, named Reba.  “I received my diagnosis a year to the day that Reba passed on,” Christina explained from her farm house in Kewartha Lakes, Ontario, a rural community of approximately 150 people.  “But I have to say that despite all these challenges this disease brought into my life, the reason I succeeded is because of attitude and support from people.”  Christina Handley is happy to report that her cancer has been in remission for over a year and a half.

V0456CoiledSupport during the ordeal came from her husband Boyd, a man she affectionately calls her “rock”, from friends in her local community, and from friends far away.  “One friend took two months off work to drive me to my appointments while another drove all the way from Virginia to be with me.  I also felt such love and support when I took in a cancer fundraising relay during my treatment.  It was experiences like this that kept me going.  I decided to assemble a team of friends shortly afterward for The Canadian Cancer Society Relay for Life.  We raised $20,000.  Our goal was $2500.”

For Handley, exceeding expectations has become a way of life, her most recent experience with her daily journal providing the seed for a fundraising cookbook from Gateway Publishing.  “I started to journal my story and then left the book at the treatment centre to share with people.  I came back after the weekend, the whole time wondering if I had done the right thing, to find several stories written in it.  We’ve taken these stories and placed them anonymously inside our cookbook.  Stories of the personal journeys with cancer have made our cookbook that much more special.”

Handley’s cookbook, entitled “Fightin’ Fillies”, includes stories from everyday people undergoing cancer treatments.  There are even a few from clinic volunteers, each a nice complement to the book’s wide range of recipes (courtesy of friends and family).  Handley chose Gateway to print her cookbook after seeing another Gateway customer, Breasts of Friends on CBC’s Dragon’s Den.  “They liked Gateway so I figured I would, and working with them was great.  They took me through each step of the process, which ran very smoothly.  The books just arrived and they look beautiful.”

Handley explains that she will sell the cookbook through Facebook, on her web site at, and by leaving it wherever she can in town.  100% of the book’s net profits go to the Canadian Cancer Society.

Given the book’s beautiful cover and its unique personal stories of people touched by cancer, she’ll have absolutely no problem doing exactly that, and given Gateway’s profitable fundraising cookbook formula, there’ll be plenty available for a good cause.

Corporate Fundraising – Cooking For A Cause

With Cintas already ranV0390coiledked by NEWSWEEK Magazine among the Top 500 Greenest Companies in America, the Kelowna branch has shown a grassroots initiative of its own by publishing a fundraiser cookbook with proceeds going to Free The Children.

Cintas teamed up with Free The Children in early 2011 as part of the Let Canada Be Canada initiative. Cintas is a corporation that originates out of the United States which has often tied them to American charities like the Susan G Komen Foundation. While they were happy to support such great charities, Canadian partners wanted to support a Canadian Charity which is how the partnership with FTC began. Why Free The Children? The program targets youth involvement through education and awareness but this was something that could easily be translated to all partners across the country. Funds raised are invested wisely – for every $1 raised .91 cents goes directly into the program. Much like what Cintas believes – money is spent wisely and conscious of the bottom line.

FTC has simple and humble beginnings originating in 1995 in Thornhill, ON by founder Craig Kielburger. Craig was only 12 years old. Since they launched everything in April, Cintas has built a water and sanitization facility and a school in their adopted village in Kenya.

Gateway Publishing is so pleased to have played a part in Cintas’s fundraising efforts!

What Do Girl Guide Cookbooks and Cinderella Balls Have in Common?

V0342coiledTo celebrate the one hundred year anniversary of Girl Scouts USA, Jodi Hautala-Carlson produced a fundraising cookbook with Gateway Publishing. Jodi is the driving force behind Troop #80671, a Girl Guide troop operating in Conneaut, Ohio for the past 21 years. Funds raised through the sale of the Troop’s cookbook will be directed to various activities including Girl Guide awards, the 100th Year Celebration for Girl Guides U.S.A., and a Cinderella Ball to be held in 2012.
The book includes 325 recipes – each important to girl guides – which includes “Thinking Day Recipes”, “Girl Scout Cookie Recipes”, and “Campfire Recipes”. The book also features practical information for girl guides including the “Girl Scout Law, Promise, Slogan, and Motto”, and a section at the back that allows people to add their own recipes.
Besides being the Leader who spearheaded the fundraiser, Jodi is also a graphic designer. It was her design background that drew her to Gateway. “We looked at a bunch of different sites but was the only one that let us design our own. I designed the Inserts – the whole thing.”
The #80671 Troop is selling its cookbooks through various channels. “We told all the other troops across the country, our friends and relatives. We’ve placed it on Facebook and someone even wrote a blog for us, but the main reason is to raise funds for our Cinderella Ball. We’re doing it up right with gowns, dinner, a DJ, a backdrop and a ceremonial bee. There’s still plenty of time until the ball which leaves us with lots of time to sell more cookbooks.”
To buy a Troop #80671 Girl Guide Cookbook email Jodi at
For more background on the troop and its cookbook project, visit the following blog post on the Albany Kid:



When Gateway Publishing first got the call from Breast Friends way back in 2004 they had no idea what lay ahead.  At the time, Breast Friends was 10 ladies from small town Saskatchewan bound by the goal of producing a cookbook to raise money for breast cancer.  Like many Gateway customers, Breast Friends started with a long list of proven recipes and a few stories to illustrate the meaning behind their cause.  The first cookbook was a success, which lead shortly afterward to another call from Breast Friends for a second cookbook.  The trend continued.  A third and fourth cookbook followed, setting the stage for a fifth, recently announced for 2012. 

Book4CoiledThe Breast Friends success story simply kept rolling along as this group of energetic women achieved heights hardly imaginable in 2004.  Just last year, Breasts surpassed the $1,000,000 mark in cancer related donations, they made an appearance on CBC’s Dragon’s Den, and they became the subject of a feature story in France’s Gourmond Magazine, an internationally known culinary publication. 

Gateway Cookbooks has been there every step of the way, doing everything from assembling cookbook recipes, to managing the design of the book’s cover, to printing the book on one of its state of the art digital printers, to packaging and shipping the cookbooks to Breast Friends’ distribution centre in Foam Lake.  “We’re there to help people achieve their dreams,” says Rhonda Pineau, Gateway’s Sales and Marketing Manager.  “Breast Friends are doing important things to change lives.  Just being part of that makes you feel good about what you’re doing, which makes us work that much harder.”

After building such strong relationships with Breast Friends, the future appeared to be set but in an ironic twist of fate, in November 2009, Pineau was diagnosed breast cancer.  Breast Friends called, as they often did, but not to order another cookbook.  This time their call was made to offer to pay for a three-day seminar at “Inspire Health”, a Vancouver-based, non-profit cancer treatment centre.  Pineau was both grateful and excited about the prospect of a fresh start on her treatment.  “The program was life changing.  If it weren’t for the friendship we had developed with Breast Friends I’m not sure what would have happened.”

People often talk about building relationships through business, but with Gateway, relationships go beyond the bottom line.  According to Gloria Nickel, Production Coordinator at Gateway, “Our customers are often people working toward some type of emotional outcome.  Whether it’s breast cancer fundraising like it is with Breast Friends, school fundraising, or other non-profit charity groups, cookbooks represent an emotional stage in people’s lives.  The cookbook becomes a symbol for positive change, a place for people to share recipes, memories and wonderful stories about the things that make life special.”

Gateway Publishing Cookbooks is a publisher of cookbooks for fundraising, donor gifts, corporate recognition, weddings, and family memories.  Gateway is part of Gateway Group – a family-owned collection of business units specializing in community based publishing and publishing related products.  The Group’s three units include Gateway Publishing Cookbooks, Gateway Bookbindery, and Plastikoil – Gateway Bookbinding Systems Ltd.

What We Know For Sure…

Breast Friends Book Three

Breast Friends Book Three

What we know for sure is that creating a cookbook to raise funds to fight Breast Cancer really works.  Look at what the Breast Friends have done.  Since 2004 they’ve been ordering cookbooks from Gateway Publishing and even though when they started they were a small group of women from the prairies with a fundraising idea, today they are a true charitable Foundation. 

Breast Friends has donated over $1,000,000 in the aid to fight Breast Cancer.  They’ve published 4 editions of their cookbook series with Gateway with a 5th on the way.  Over the years they have placed more than 35 orders with us.  What we didn’t know for sure back in 2004 was how successful they would become. 

October is Breast Cancer month.  Create a fundraising cookbook with Gateway Publishing and raise funds in the fight against Breast Cancer.

Garlic Festival Cookbook A Huge Hit!

GarlicCoiledGateway Publishing is always very pleased to publish community fundraising cookbooks and this past summer we were able to help out several community clubs with their fundraising. One of the most intriguing was for a garlic festival taking place in Lac La Hache, British Columbia.
Lac La Hache is a very small community located in the Central Interior of B.C.  It is home to one of the oldest organizations, The Lac La Hache Community Club, which has a long and impressive record of achievements and dedication to the community.  The Community Club is comprised of hard working volunteers who work together to support various social and sporting events, making Lac La Hache a great family oriented community. 
One of the most recent events was the South Cariboo Garlic Fest held August 27 and 28th.  All the highlights about the garlic fest can be viewed on their main web page –
The Garlic Fest has grown substantially from last year, more vendors and more traffic in the grounds.  Making its debut at the recent garlic fest was a cookbook called Strictly Garlic featuring 175 garlic-loaded recipes.  The recipes include appetizers, meats, salads, dressings, soups, vegetables and pickles/relishes.   The cost of the book is $10 and shipping costs in Canada for 1 book is $2.31, 2 books $3.20. 
To place an order for a book please email Barb Hansen at providing name and address.  Any cheques or money orders must be made payable to Lac La Hache Community Club, once funds are received  (including shipping costs) the books will be automatically shipped out. 
Thank you for taking the time to read about their little community, they are actively fundraising for other new projects they have in the works.  Any funds they generate always revert back into the community; profits from last year’s garlic fest were used to drill a well at the festival grounds.