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Breast Wishes For Christmas: Another Big Success

Breast Friends Christmas Cookbook

Breast Friends Christmas Cookbook

They’ve already raised more than a million dollars to support breast cancer research through sales of a best-selling series of cookbooks. And if that’s not enough, the Breast Friends recently managed to slay a group of “dragons”  — in their own den!

In early December, on an episode of the CBC television show “Dragons’ Den”, Foam Lake, Saskatchewan’s ten Breast Friends asked the dragons for a $25,000 investment to help them market their cookbooks, which includes the newest addition to the line-up: “Breast Wishes for Christmas”. The five venture capitalists were so impressed with — and moved by — the ladies’ selfless efforts that they offered $50,000 to help the Breast Friends cause.

That successful Canadian TV appearance was recently augmented by publicity in not one, but TWO European magazines. The Breast Friends were featured in the November 2010 issue of Gourmand Magazine, a Spanish publication (dedicated to cookbooks) that is widely distributed in Europe. The group’s success was also covered in the December 2010 issue of Logberg Heimskringla, an Icelandic newspaper serving North America.

A few months from now, Breast Friends will take their inspiring story — and their cookbooks — worldwide when they participate in the 2011 Paris Cookbook Fair, the first international exhibition of fundraising cookbooks, which will feature entrants from 91 countries across the globe.

Factoring in their growing profile, the success of the Dragons’ Den appearance, and the enduring popularity of their coobooks, the Breast Friends have good reason for optimism in the future. In fact, Rhonda Pineau, Sales and Marketing Manager of Gateway Publishing’s cookbooks department notes that the group ordered 20,000 copies of their new book “Breast Wishes for Christmas” last summer and then ordered 20,000 more thanks to the Dragon’s support.

“We’re so happy for the Breast Friends and their continuing success,” says Rhonda. “They are truly an inspiration and we’re very proud to have been able to help them make their dreams into a reality. We wish them all the best and look forward to even greater things in the year ahead!”

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Mommas raising money for Meningioma Research with Fundraising Cookbook

Meningioma Mamas Cookbook With Binding

Nine years ago Liz Holzemer was diagnosed with a large meningioma brain tumor and faced a grim outlook. Two surgeries and two “miracle” children later, Liz is the engine powering Meningioma Mommas, the non-profit foundation she created to help support others who have been diagnosed with, survived, or cared for someone who has a meningioma brain tumor.

As part of her quest to raise public awareness of meningiomas, Liz is committed to raising $1 million to help fund meningioma-specific research. Today, she is one-sixth of the way to her goal, having brought in more than $165,000 for the cause. And more is on the way, with the launch of Feeding the Mind & Soul (second edition) – a 230-page fundraising cookbook printed by Gateway Publishing.

Featuring treasured and delicious recipes from the Meningioma Mommas and Pappas themselves (plus their families and caregivers), Feeding the Mind & Soul also includes inspirational quotes and humorous quips. The first run of 1,000 books is available now and can be ordered for $25 per copy.

“It’s very special for us to be a part of this important fundraising effort,” says Rhonda Pineau, Sales and Marketing Manager of Gateway Publishing’s cookbooks department. “The story behind Meningioma Mommas is so inspiring and the work done by this foundation is truly wonderful. Liz and her team have put together a terrific cookbook and I’m confident it will be a big hit that will push them even closer to their fundraising goal.”

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