It was a pleasure to attend this yeargraphic’s Association of Fundraising Professionals 2012 Vancouver 49th International Conference on Fundraising.  Their slogan was “Drive Passion, Drive Fundraising & Drive 2012” and from Apr 1 – 3 that’s what we intended to do.  Drive the idea that cookbooks are an excellent fundraising tool for all types of non-profits!

We set up our fundraising cookbook display in the Exhibit Hall, gave away 500 cookbooks and spoke to hundreds of people from a variety of non-profits from all over the world.  Many who stopped hadn’t thought of cookbooks as fundraisers before and were very impressed with how much you can customize your cookbook to reflect your organization’s needs.

One attendee, from Lakeland College, wanted to include a history of their college as they are celebrating their one hundred year anniversary.  He thought cookbooks were such a great idea he even started selling our cookbooks to other attendees standing at our booth!  Thanks Kevin Davies!

Rhonda & Gloria at the booth

Rhonda & Gloria at the booth

We sell the concept – Cookbooks are a very profitable venture – we sell each book to the non-profit for approximately $3.00 – $5.00 while your group re-sells it for $10.00 or more.  This means you can make 200 – 300% return on your investment!

We look forward to corresponding with all our new AFP clients and friends.  We appreciate your enthusiasm and are here to assist you in making your cookbook a huge success!

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