Lundazi Mission Aims For Africa!

Forty-eight thousand dollars is a lot of money, especially in an economy where fundraising has never been more challenging.  That’s why Sarah Boot and the Lundazi team chose Gateway fundraising cookbooks as part of their overall fundraising campaign.  Lundazi is a twelve-member team of volunteers planning a mission to Lundazi, Zambia, Africa to build two new science classrooms for disadvantaged youth.  The Lundazi team is part of a larger effort by the Edu-Deo Mission, a Canadian Christian mission organization, which serves children in developing countries with quality education rooted in Christian worldview.  According to Boot, “Someone in the group mentioned cookbooks when we were thinking about fundraising ideas.  My sister had worked with Gateway and she was happy, so we went ahead.”

V0465coiledFor the Lundazi team, Gateway’s book was a welcome addition to their overall approach to fundraising, which includes selling bracelets, holding garage sales, bake sales and breakfasts, and soliciting donations from local businesses.  “Everything went well when we produced the book.  I did a lot of emailing to have my questions answered.  They were always there.  They even helped me pick out a nice cover and binding coil.”

According to Rhonda Pineau, Gateway’s Fundraising Cookbook Sales and Marketing Manager, the Lundazi approach is common in today’s fundraising market.  “Most of our customers use the fundraising cookbook as a tool in their fundraising toolkit.  It’s an important part of an overall strategy.”

While fundraising is a necessary part of the process for non-profits to reach their goals, it’s really the cause that drives them.  “We’re there to assist actually,” explains Boot.  “The community already has people who can build.  We create a partnership with them.  We encourage them.  Get to know them, and we talk with them about the Gospel.”

When Boot spoke of the group’s goal to get to Africa by August 2012, there was really no doubt in her mind regarding how she was going to get there, and why she was doing it.

The “how” came from Edu-Deo, which orchestrates missions in countries around the world including Belize, The Dominican, Nicaragua, Ghana, and Zambia.  “I went on a mission with them back in high school to the Dominican Republic.  Local churches throughout the GTA know about them.  This time around I just went back to them.”

The “why” is also clear for this enthusiastic volunteer: “To build schools in other countries, that’s why we’re going there.  But we think in terms of a much greater purpose.  We really do it to serve God.”

To donate to the Lundazi team, go to the following link on the Edu-Deo Mission site:

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