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St. James Presbyterian Church Marks 100 Year Milestone!

St. James Presbyterian Church is celebrating 100 years as a congregation.  They chose to mark this milestone with the theme of “Remembering, Rejoicing and Rededicating.”

 StThe Celebration Committee and the congregation embraced three projects that held to their theme and highlighted their goals as a Christian community:

 1.  They determined to give Winnipeg Harvest 100 items from their top ten most wanted list, choosing a different item each month from September to June.  With God’s help, they have reached and surpassed this goal each month.

 2.  They determined to give Siloam Mission 100 hours of service.  they enlisted a team of ten different volunteers on four different Saturdays to prepare and serve lunch at Siloam Mission.  With God’s help, they have had a full roster on each volunteer day.

 3.  They determined to support Inner City Youth Alive in their mission to provide a healthy breakfast to inner city students who would go to school hungry otherwise.  They can provide 100 breakfasts for $236.00.  The St. James Youth prepared and hosted a baked potato lunch for the congregation after worship hoping to raise enough funds to provide 100 breakfasts.  With God’s help, they raised enough money for 150 breakfasts.

 One of the things they are joyously celebrating is 100 years of hospitality. Over these 100 years they have offered a warm welcome to worship and ready inclusion to groups.  Everyone has benefitted from the happy coincidence that in so many cases, a warm, generous heart went hand-in-hand with a special talent in the kitchen.  From welcome lunches for newcomers, through meals to precede Alpha study, and muffins before Bible Study, to fund-raising Soup and Pie lunches and bake sales, St. James has been blessed with remarkable talent in their kitchens. 

They published a cookbook twenty years ago which is much treasured and much used. But it didn’t have all their favourites.  They worried that certain favourite recipes might get forgotten. They put out a call for their 100 favourite recipes.  Some recipes were submitted multiple times showing they were favourites indeed. 

 Many recipes have been gathered carefully over time.  Individuals carefully saved hand-written notes that are cherished as they were specialties of congregants who have retired from bringing these tasty morsels.  Some of their older members moved on to living without full kitchens.  Other members have died and their generous hearts are remembered by using their recipes and trying to achieve the same satisfying results. 

 Gateway Publishing has helped this congregation preserve cherished recipes and cherished memories from 100 years of gathering together. At the same time, the St. James Presbyterian Church congregation has been able to reach their fundraising goals by the sales of their cookbook. Let Gateway help YOUR congregation or organization do the same.

Step Up To The Plate!

Gateway Publishing is pleased to have been able to assist the ROOKIES CAGES group in their fundraising project. Baseball, perhaps more than any other sport, consists of a tightly knit community of teams, players, coaches, fans and families. What better than a cookbook fundraiser when cooking and eating also highlights the same spirit of togetherness and fun?

And speaking of baseball, here is the intro to “STEP up to the PLATE“:

This cookbook is DEDICATED to the ROOKIES COACHES who have generously shared their wisdom, knowledge, skills and passion with their players.

Baseball is more than just a national past time. It’s a game that brings people together…families, friends, team mates and countries. Baseball is a place where everyone can be a hero. It’s about dreams and history and tradition. It’s about families, friendly fans, hotdogs and sunny days at the park. It’s about fun!

We need baseball. We need the lessons it teaches us about teamwork and dedication. It gives us lessons in integrity, pride, cooperation, aspiration and inspiration. Part of learning is to have a good teacher. All of ROOKIES’ instructors have professional sports and /or teaching backgrounds. They are highly skilled and trained instructors that have achieved great levels of success in athletics. Most importantly, they are passionate about baseball and learning. They will help the player acquire the proper skills to follow their baseball dreams and they encourage the player to DREAM BIG!

Rookies Cookbook

Rookies Cookbook

ROOKIES strive to make their customers feel that they are in a professional environment. ROOKIES focuses on developing their players to reach their potential both on and off the field through diligent training and life skills. Their focus is on the player’s character as much as their baseball abilities. ROOKIES’ objective is to help the player move to the next level of competition when seeking College or University opportunities.

“The Measure of a Man is in the lives he’s touched”

1117 Empress Ave.
Winnipeg, MB R3E 3H1
Ph: 204.783.HITS
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School Fundraising Success!

St. Andrew's School Cookbook

St. Andrew's School Cookbook

When our School Council first decided to publish a fundraising cookbook, we knew it would be a huge undertaking requiring much time and effort.  After searching the internet and looking through council members’ personal community cookbook collections, we decided to use Gateway Publishing, a company with over 40 years experience publishing community cookbooks.  Looking back, what a wise decision that was! 

Right from the very beginning, the staff at Gateway were quick to respond to all of our questions and concerns.  They maintained a pleasant and helpful manner throughout the entire process, even during their busiest time of year when many deadlines needed to be met.  They always took our calls, or returned our calls promptly if a message was left.  Although we knew that they were dealing with many different projects at one time, their patience and attention to detail made us feel like we were their only customer!

The introduction package we received in the mail was also incredibly helpful.  In addition to a sample cookbook, it contained a guide for formatting and marketing our project.  This guide answered many of our initial questions and drew our attention to a number of issues which we had not even considered or prepared for.

We submitted print-ready materials for our cookbook which included custom-designed covers, chapter dividers and information inserts.  The cookbooks were completed on schedule and the finished product was exactly as we had hoped.  Sales were strong and the response was very positive.  As a fundraising effort, the St. Andrew’s School Celebrates the Seasons Cookbook was a great success, and we owe much of that success to the guidance we received from the experts at Gateway Publishing.  What a wise choice we made indeed…

Breast Wishes For Christmas: Another Big Success

Breast Friends Christmas Cookbook

Breast Friends Christmas Cookbook

They’ve already raised more than a million dollars to support breast cancer research through sales of a best-selling series of cookbooks. And if that’s not enough, the Breast Friends recently managed to slay a group of “dragons”  — in their own den!

In early December, on an episode of the CBC television show “Dragons’ Den”, Foam Lake, Saskatchewan’s ten Breast Friends asked the dragons for a $25,000 investment to help them market their cookbooks, which includes the newest addition to the line-up: “Breast Wishes for Christmas”. The five venture capitalists were so impressed with — and moved by — the ladies’ selfless efforts that they offered $50,000 to help the Breast Friends cause.

That successful Canadian TV appearance was recently augmented by publicity in not one, but TWO European magazines. The Breast Friends were featured in the November 2010 issue of Gourmand Magazine, a Spanish publication (dedicated to cookbooks) that is widely distributed in Europe. The group’s success was also covered in the December 2010 issue of Logberg Heimskringla, an Icelandic newspaper serving North America.

A few months from now, Breast Friends will take their inspiring story — and their cookbooks — worldwide when they participate in the 2011 Paris Cookbook Fair, the first international exhibition of fundraising cookbooks, which will feature entrants from 91 countries across the globe.

Factoring in their growing profile, the success of the Dragons’ Den appearance, and the enduring popularity of their coobooks, the Breast Friends have good reason for optimism in the future. In fact, Rhonda Pineau, Sales and Marketing Manager of Gateway Publishing’s cookbooks department notes that the group ordered 20,000 copies of their new book “Breast Wishes for Christmas” last summer and then ordered 20,000 more thanks to the Dragon’s support.

“We’re so happy for the Breast Friends and their continuing success,” says Rhonda. “They are truly an inspiration and we’re very proud to have been able to help them make their dreams into a reality. We wish them all the best and look forward to even greater things in the year ahead!”

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Breast Cancer Fundraiser Sells Out In First Week

Crab Ladies of Sun Trust CookbookCancer doesn’t care. That’s the opening statement in the fundraising cookbook published by the self-proclaimed “Crab Ladies of Sun Trust Bank” from Richmond, Virginia. But as it turns out, the Crab Ladies — several of whom are cancer survivors themselves — have a large group of supporters who care very much.

So much, in fact, that all 850 copies of the cookbook titled “Making Strides Toward A World With More Birthdays” sold out within a week of its release. The attractive 236-page publication features approximately 400 recipes and is now on the verge of selling out its second run of 500 copies.

The majority of sales have come through word of mouth and breast cancer-related activities, and many customers purchased extra copies to give as Christmas gifts, according to Anne Strine. Ms. Strine is Vice President, Employee Benefits Solution at Sun Trust Bank and one of the project’s lead organizers. Along with Gail Taylor and Fran Morris, she collected and inputted the recipes for publishing, then led sales efforts.

Funds raised from book sales will be used to help combat breast cancer, which affects one in eight women. In addition to supporting research for cancer therapies, some of the money will be put towards paying for wigs and transportation to medical appointments.

“The speed with which the Crab Ladies sold out their cookbooks is a testament to the importance of this cause,” says Rhonda Pineau, Sales and Marketing Manager of Gateway Publishing’s cookbooks department. “It’s dear to their hearts, and that showed through in the quality of their book and the strong support they received when promoting the project.”

“The colored cookbooks are beautiful and people have been very impressed with the quality of the book,” adds Ms. Strine. “We had an excellent experience working with Gateway Publishing; they were so helpful and accommodating! Thank you to the many friends who contributed recipes to this book.”

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Operation Ooh-Rah for Tah-Tahs Double-Pronged Attack!

oohrah copyBreast cancer survivor and military Mom, Karen Dohman Murdoch, is one of those women that just won’t let adversity stand in the way of her dream of making a difference. Inspired by the success of the Breast Friends breast cancer fundraising cookbooks, this Texan knew she could go big in her home state with her own breast cancer fundraising cookbook.

Not only chock full of great recipes, including a section of recipes from local Houston celebrities, the cookbook also contains numerous uplifting stories from cancer survivors.

Another charity dear to her heart, because of son Chad being in the Marines, is The Marine Corps Wounded Warrior Regiment.  Karen has combined these two concepts into her fundraising cookbook Ooh-Rah For Tah-Tahs.

Check out her website, to read the full story of her remarkable journey and to learn how you can help raise money for both these worthy causes.

Recipe For Success: The Million-Dollar Fundraising Cookbook

Friends CookbookHow did a group of 10 women from a small town in Saskatchewan, who are known as The Breast Friends, raise more than a million dollars to support breast cancer research, medical equipment, and other breast cancer causes? The secret to their success: a series of best-selling self-published cookbooks, all printed at Gateway Publishing since 2004.

The first book, “For The Breasts of Friends”, was produced to help the women deal with the grief of losing friends and family members to breast cancer. Featuring 400+ recipes from the authors, along with breast cancer facts, advice, and heartwarming quotes for women, the book quickly surpassed its modest sales targets and has already raised more than $500,000 to date.

A follow-up cookbook, titled “For the Breasts and the Rest of Friends” was produced in 2006, and it became a national bestseller in just one month. Like its predecessor, the book includes more than 400 recipes along with helpful breast cancer-related information, quotes, and quips intended to both empathize with and inspire those dealing — directly or indirectly — with the illness. The recipes in this edition were donated by family and friends of the authors.

In 2008, the group released a third fundraising cookbook destined for best-selling status — which it achieved based on pre-orders alone. “Breast Wishes from Breast Friends”, was released before Mother’s Day last year and includes recipes gathered from breast cancer survivors. It’s dedicated to women living with and in spite of breast cancer.

Priced at $19.95 each, the cookbooks are an excellent fundraiser because they are both affordable and represent good value. From an initial order of just 2500 copies, the group has re-ordered many times at larger quantities that enable greater discounts and a reduced per-unit cost.

“We’re proud to partner with The Breast Friends and are thrilled for their achievements,” says Rhonda Pineau, Sales and Marketing Manager of Gateway Publishing’s cookbooks department. “They’ve proven that cookbooks can be a recipe for fundraising success!”

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Breast Friends -Women Working For A Cure For Breast Cancer

Grandmothers Helping Grandmothers fundraiser cookbooks sell out fast

A few of the cooks in the Grandmothers Helping Grandmothers Fundraising Cookbook

A few of the cooks in the Grandmothers Helping Grandmothers Fundraising Cookbook

GrandmothersFundraisingCookbook100 copyWe at Gateway Publishing are proud to start off our new Cookbook Fundraiser Blog with our most recent fundraising success story:  Grandmothers Helping Grandmothers.

This Fredericton chapter is one of 220 independent groups across Canada and beyond that are raising money for the Stephen Lewis Foundation, supporting the millions of grandmothers in Africa who are raising grandchildren orphaned by HIV/AIDS.

Grandmothers Helping Grandmothers are slightly different from most Grandmother groups as they also support a small Ottawa-based NGO (Non-governmental Organization), Help Lesotho, which also has a grandmothers’ support program.

We were first approached by Maggie Clarke in June of this year with their cookbook idea and were almost as excited as they were to take part in this fundraising event.

Their initial order of 1,000 cookbooks was delivered in July and just yesterday, Sept, 16, we received this email from Maggie:

Our Cookbook is so successful that we have decided to order another 1,000.  We had our Launch last night and they are doing an article on it in the local paper on Wednesday.

Now that’s what we call Grandmother Power!