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$27,000 Raised for Charity Through Cookbook Sales By Local Radio Station

radioDid you know that Tonya Cherry of radio station GX94 has successfully raised $27,000 for charity through cookbook sales? If your company or organization is looking for ways to raise money for a good cause, why not consider doing a cookbook on an annual basis, as Tonya has? We are pleased to feature GX94’s upcoming fundraising cookbook and some enthusiastic comments:

“I can’t wait! Thank you as always for making the process so easy and the finished product beautiful!” – Tonya Cherry, GX94

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Breast Cancer Fundraiser Sells Out In First Week

Crab Ladies of Sun Trust CookbookCancer doesn’t care. That’s the opening statement in the fundraising cookbook published by the self-proclaimed “Crab Ladies of Sun Trust Bank” from Richmond, Virginia. But as it turns out, the Crab Ladies — several of whom are cancer survivors themselves — have a large group of supporters who care very much.

So much, in fact, that all 850 copies of the cookbook titled “Making Strides Toward A World With More Birthdays” sold out within a week of its release. The attractive 236-page publication features approximately 400 recipes and is now on the verge of selling out its second run of 500 copies.

The majority of sales have come through word of mouth and breast cancer-related activities, and many customers purchased extra copies to give as Christmas gifts, according to Anne Strine. Ms. Strine is Vice President, Employee Benefits Solution at Sun Trust Bank and one of the project’s lead organizers. Along with Gail Taylor and Fran Morris, she collected and inputted the recipes for publishing, then led sales efforts.

Funds raised from book sales will be used to help combat breast cancer, which affects one in eight women. In addition to supporting research for cancer therapies, some of the money will be put towards paying for wigs and transportation to medical appointments.

“The speed with which the Crab Ladies sold out their cookbooks is a testament to the importance of this cause,” says Rhonda Pineau, Sales and Marketing Manager of Gateway Publishing’s cookbooks department. “It’s dear to their hearts, and that showed through in the quality of their book and the strong support they received when promoting the project.”

“The colored cookbooks are beautiful and people have been very impressed with the quality of the book,” adds Ms. Strine. “We had an excellent experience working with Gateway Publishing; they were so helpful and accommodating! Thank you to the many friends who contributed recipes to this book.”

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