V0320coverCoiledOver the years Gateway Publishing has had the privilege of helping out many animal rescue groups with their fundraising objectives. Cookbooks have proven to be a valuable tool in raising cash and creating awareness of various animal causes. Not only do animal shelters in general have need of fundraising, but there are even specialty rescue groups focusing on particular dog breeds, like Greyhounds, Schnauzers, Pit-bulls and Daschunds, to name a few. Just about every dog breed (and cats and horses, too) have special groups devoted to their cause. These groups speak for creatures who have no voice. We are so proud of our animal rescue fundraising cookbooks. Why don’t you call us and see how we can help you help your furry friends? “Folk will know how large your soul is, by the way you treat a dog!” – Charles F. DoranN7526coiledV0319coverCoiledN7693coiled